Covid-19: Advice for parents

Dear Parents/ Carers,


We are getting lots of enquiries about whether parents should send their children with neurodevelopmental disabilities to school


We know:

  1. Children are as a group, at lower risk from COVID19
  2. The state government is still at this time keeping schools open ( though this may change.
  3. Many of the children who we look after will have a risk of morbidity or mortality very similar to their peers


We would judge

  1. There are  sub-groups of children we look after, particularly those with physical disability who are at particular risk of any respiratory infection and thus are at increased risk of morbidly and mortality from COVID19
  2. In general this group will have had previous recent admissions for respiratory illness or other risk factors



The general advice we give?

Most children should follow the department of education advice but if they have had an admission for a respiratory illness particularly one requiring oxygen in the last 12 months, children with complex cardiac lesions ad those on immunosuppressive medication,  then greater levels of social isolation may be advisable and prudent.



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