Participants required for a new drug treatment for autism

The Royal Children’s Hospital is trialing a new treatment for children with moderate to severe autism.


This treatment is a drug called bumetanide. We want to find out if bumetanide can help improve the symptoms of autism in children.

Bumetanide is approved as a diuretic for children, to reduce water, sodium and chloride in the body.

We now want to find out if it is effective for children with autism.


To be eligible, the children in the study must have moderate or severe autism and no other medical condition.

There are also limitations on which other medications the children can have while they are participating in the trial.


This trial will last for one year. It will involve many visits to RCH for medical monitoring and assessments.


If you would like to find out more about the study please contact the study coordinator Kylie Crompton on (03) 9936 6756 or


This trial has been approved by The Royal Children’s Hospital ethics committee (project IDs 38290 and 38291).


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