When doctors and patients disagree


Dr Giuliana Antolovich recently published a chapter in “When doctors and parents disagree” edited by Rosalind McDougall, Clare Delany and Lynn Gillam.

Read more about the project here:  http://www.whendoctorsandparentsdisagree.com/


Giuliana works as a paediatric consultant in Neurodevelopment & Disability at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. She is also an Honorary Fellow at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Her work covers clinical medicine, palliative care, teaching, research and advocacy for children and young adults with developmental disability.


Giuliana’s chapter:  “So, do we really need doctors anyway?  Information, expertise and the changing dynamic between doctors and families”  utilises the zone of parental discretion to understand the changed dynamic of the relationship between doctors and parents of children with neurodisabilities and chronic conditions.


Congratulations Giuliana on this thoughtful discussion.





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