Neurodevelopment and Disability Research Series – a podcast about hospital admissions in children with cerebral palsy

Elaine Meehan is a postdoctoral researcher with the Developmental Disability & Rehabilitation Research group at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the Department of Neurodevelopment & Disability at the Royal Children’s Hospital. She recently completed her PhD in Health Services Research through the University of Melbourne, during which she investigated the use of health services among children with cerebral palsy.

In this podcast, Elaine discusses one of the papers that she wrote during her PhD candidature, titled “Hospital admissions in children with cerebral palsy: a data linkage study”. This data linkage study used the Victorian Cerebral Palsy Register and the Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset to describe hospital admissions among Victorian children with cerebral palsy and to make comparisons with admissions among children without cerebral palsy. The study had some important findings that have implications for healthcare policy and practice.


You can find the podcast here:



You can read the full paper:

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