#1 Inspiring stories: Katie’s story – Why I run for the kids

Diagnosed with autism at an early age, Ms Ward dreaded running onto the footy field or shooting hoops with other kids.

“I hated sport, I wouldn’t do it because of my hand, eye co-ordination,” she said.

But in a bid to challenge herself, Katie signed up for Run for the Kids a few years ago.

Read more about her inspiring story here.


Katie and her paediatrician Dr Catherine Marraffa


Photo: Herald Sun  http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/run-for-the-kids-2017-katie-ward-reunited-with-royal-childrens-hospital-paediatrician-dr-cathy-marraffa/news-story/c8ad6e767d8d29d15c33aa34d9026ec3


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