Does your child have sleep problems?

Does your child with cerebral palsy have difficulty sleeping?

Would you like to be part of an important research study exploring why this is so?

Sacha Petersen, a member of the Developmental Medicine team is undertaking a PhD to explore sleep problems in children with cerebral palsy.


Sacha has been a clinical nurse consultant in Developmental Medicine since 2006.  Her experience in clinics has made her aware of how common sleep problems are for children with cerebral palsy.  However, sleep problems are often complex and few resources exist to help both parents and clinicians.  Sacha started a PhD  in 2015.  The main aim of her PhD is to explore sleep problems for children with CP and their parents.  The secondary aim of the PhD is to develop an education resource that will help improve sleep for children with CP.  Sacha is currently recruiting for the first phase of her PhD. This phase includes interviews (face to face or over the phone) with parents of children aged 6-12 who have a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.


Please contact Sacha if you would like more information or if you would like to participate: or call 9345 5447


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