Cerebral Palsy Information Booklet

Prof Dinah Reddihough, Developmental Medicine staff and RCH colleagues have updated and published a new edition of the Cerebral Palsy Information Booklet.


This book has been written primarily for parents who have a child with cerebral palsy.  We have written this book to answer some of the common questions asked by parents.  This book discusses the different types of cerebral palsy, the causes of cerebral palsy, some associated problems and the range of treatments available.  We have provided information about support services and where to turn to for help.  We hope to convey the message that no matter how difficult the challenges that you and your family may face over the coming years, help and support is available.


Cerebral Palsy – An information guide for parents and families (2016, 4th ed.)

Hard copies of this booklet are available for purchase at the Kids Health Info Bookshop


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