World Autism Awareness Day

1st April 2015 is World Autism Awareness Day, so we thought we would introduce you to two remarkable brothers.

Nine-year-old Kai (left) adores mental stimulation and loves games on his iPad, books and action-based toys.

Seven-year old Bay (right) never forgets details, can count to a trillion, and has a passion for advanced Minecraft.

Bay was diagnosed with Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at age three, after two years at a specialist school he’s now kicking goals in a mainstream school.

Kai is a complex care patient, and was only diagnosed with ASD two years ago. His diagnosis has allowed his parents and clinicians to better understand him and help him minimise ASD-related anxiety. While children with ASD often have difficulty perceiving unwritten rules of social interaction; Kai and Bay are friendly, cheerful young boys who love talking about their favorite activities.

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