Top Ranking Article Published by our Autism Research Team

“Regression in autism spectrum disorders”, published in Volume 51 of The Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health (JPCH) has become one of the Journal’s most popular articles on social media.

The article was authored by RCH Director of Developmental Medicine Professor Katrina Williams, Speech pathologist and PhD scholar Amanda Brignell, University of Melbourne, Professor Margot Prior, Dr Lawrence Bartak, and Professor Jacqueline Roberts.

Published on 14th of January this year, the article has already been shared on social media to an estimated 71,708 combined viewers worldwide.

Currently the article is ranked 11th of the 698 most popular articles ever from JPCH, based on social media impact. This puts the article in the top 5 per cent of all JPCH articles as ranked by attention.


The key points of the article are:

  1. A focus on regression in ASD is designed to increase understanding of ASD dimensions and heterogeneity.
  2. Regression occurs in a significant subgroup of children with ASD but there is little understanding of causes, underlying neurobiology or prognosis.
  3. Clinicians should obtain a detailed history and investigate potential underlying pathophysiology, while researchers utilise a dimensional approach with new technology (genetic and epigenetic research, computer models of brain function, neuroimaging) to gain deeper understanding of onset and subsequent developmental trajectory for children with ASD.

Find the article here.


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