Webinar: Immunisations for Children with a Disability

A webinar for parents / carers:

Presenter: Sonja Elia, Nurse Unit Manager, Immunisation Service, Royal Children’s Hospital; Lecturer, Nurse Immuniser Program, LaTrobe University


Australia has a comprehensive Government funded vaccine program and as a result some diseases are no longer seen, or are very rare. This webinar focusses on the importance of ensuring high immunisation coverage rates in Australia to prevent the re-emergence of these diseases. Children with disabilities are at high risk of incomplete and/or delayed immunisation, and have an increased vulnerability to the complications of vaccine preventable diseases. This webinar discusses these issues in further detail, and provide information on extra vaccines, especially influenza, recommended for this special risk group.


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Duration:  28 mins, Recorded:  February 2015


Visit the Immunisation Service website for further information about immunisation recommendations


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