How might anxiety affect your child, and how can you manage it?

It’s normal for kids to worry from time to time so this month I want to talk to you about anxiety, how it might affect your child and share some tips on how to manage it. If you find it helpful, share with your friends and family, and thanks for watching! Please note: Dr Margie is … Continued

Should I take my child to the Emergency Department, or to see a GP?

I know everyone is time poor so for this month’s blog I’ve recorded a short video about when you should consider taking your child to the Emergency Department, or to see a GP. If you find it helpful, share with your friends and family, and thanks for watching! Please note: Dr Margie is no longer … Continued

Crying babies: Tips to settle your baby if they won’t stop crying

As a mum of four and a paediatrician, I understand the total exhaustion and worry that comes with trying to soothe a crying a baby. It is one of the most common reasons parents come to the Emergency Department or to see me in clinic. It is especially challenging for first-time parents, but is also … Continued

Tips to help parents deal with and prevent bullying

As parents, one of the hardest and most distressing things we are faced with is bullying. It touches all of us at some point. We know from the Australian Child Health Poll that Australians think that bullying is one of the big problems facing children and young people today, so what is the best way … Continued

Should I give my kids the flu vaccine this year?

Winter is coming and many parents are starting to ask themselves whether they should give their child the annual flu vaccine. Read Dr Margie’s latest blog to find out if you should vaccinate your kids and what vaccines are available this year.

Do we need a sugar tax to help protect our kids’ teeth?

One of the few things that has shocked me most in recent years is the growing number of kids I see in my practice with tooth decay. Children as young as 18 months are having surgery to remove decayed and rotting teeth as a result of drinking sugary soft drinks or fruit juice from baby … Continued

Melatonin for sleep – should I use it?

Sleep problems can have a huge impact on kids as well as the whole family. Many parents consider turning to medication such as melatonin to help with the issue, but how safe is it? Sleep is essential for all of us to be at our best. Now that the holidays are upon us and many … Continued