Why can’t my child concentrate at school?

Attention and concentration difficulties can have a serious impact on your child’s ability to manage their schooling and their friendships. In this blog, I talk about some of the common causes of these difficulties and some helpful strategies for use both at home and at school.

Problem feeders – beyond fussy to something more serious

There’s fussy eating, and then there’s problem feeding. To resolve problem feeding, a whole new set of strategies and interventions may be required. In this blog, I talk about difference between fussy and problem feeding, and the team of professionals at RCH that will help you and your child.

Is your child constipated, and what can you do about it?

We know that constipation is common in kids, yet is often not recognised and can be difficult to treat. For some children, it can be very distressing, especially if it causes them to soil their underpants. Here are some tips to help you recognise and treat constipation in your child, and prevent it from becoming a long standing problem.

Maternal whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine: two for one protection!

Whooping cough has its greatest impact on infants too young to receive adequate protection from the normal early childhood immunisation schedule. A new free whooping cough vaccine has been introduced for mothers in each pregnancy. This blog will answer your questions about the program and whooping cough in general, and give you and your partner the confidence to ensure that your whole family are safely vaccinated.