Why can’t my child concentrate at school?

Attention and concentration difficulties can have a serious impact on your child’s ability to manage their schooling and their friendships. In this blog, I talk about some of the common causes of these difficulties and some helpful strategies for use both at home and at school.

How can you help your child with their bed wetting?

Bed wetting is very common in school-aged children and can cause great embarrassment and worry, especially around camps and sleepovers. This blog will explain when to seek help for your child’s bed wetting, and what treatments are available.

How to recognise the different types of cough in children

Cough in children is very common in winter and one of the main reasons a child may go to their GP or come to our Emergency Department. Let’s talk about what the most common causes of cough are, how they may be treated, and how long they can be expected to last.

How to deal with the fussy eater

Fussy eating can be one of the most challenging things we face as parents. What’s normal, and when should you start worrying about your child’s development?

Is anxiety affecting your child’s life?

It’s something I see more and more of in my clinic – children of all ages suffering from anxiety. Do you know what to look out for? Here are some practical measures you can take to help reduce your child’s worrying.