Welcome Back!

Hello readers!

Welcome to the new ChIPS blog! After a lengthy hiatus (almost 2 and a half years but who’s counting?), and new publications team, the blog is having a complete rebuild. The 2018 Publications team is made up of Michael Arkalis, Claudia Forsberg, Shannon O’Halloran, and team leader, Sharon Domingue and we’ve decided that we wanted to make some hopefully lasting changes.

This will be a place to showcase the incredible creativity of our young Chippers and hopefully, understand our members a little better. We’ve decided against just simple event updates and went with a more intimate approach. Chronic illnesses can be unbelievably isolating and writing or creating can be very liberating and a great way to express oneself. Our aim is for people to read other’s works and feel even just a little less alone, and to feel connected to other members on a more emotional level.

We’re all very excited for everyone to read and participate in this blog. We’ll be starting with a post from our very own team leader, Sharon Domingue.


Pubs Team 2018


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