Welcome from the 2016 Publications team!

Hello and welcome to the ChIPS blog, YAY! So this year on the Publications team we have myself; Sevda, India, Kristen, Claudia, Brooke D and of course our lovely mentor Jordan. This year we hope to make the Wrapper magazine amazing, entertaining, and funny and most importantly something you will want to read. We will also be updating the blog with lots of different stuff as often as we can, so keep your eye out for that.
So you can get to know your Publications team a bit better I composed a couple of questions that we each had to answer. The questions were as follows…
How old are you?
How long have you been involved with ChIPS?
Is this your first time on pubs? If no, how many times have you been on pubs before?
And finally, if you had to describe yourself in one word what word would that be?

Kristen: “I’m 21. Been in ChIPS for five years and this is my second time on pubs. And I’m weird.”

India: “Age: 21. Been involved with ChIPS 4 years now and this is my very first time on pubs and let’s go with funny I’m not sure haha.”

Brooke: “I’m 19, I’ve been involved in ChIPS for 4 years, first time on pubs and I have no idea.”

Claudia: “Okay I’m 17. I think I’ve been involved in ChIPS for 3 or 4 years now. This is my first time on pubs but my second time in ref com all together. I guess I’m resilient ;)”

As for myself, I am Sevda and I’m 18. I’ve been with ChIPS since roughly last October and this is also my first time on pubs. If I had to describe myself with one word it would probably have to be creative.

So now that you guys have gotten to know us, you can be guaranteed that we will do our best to make this year’s Wrapper and the blog the best yet. We look forward to bringing new ideas, and some old ones, to the Wrapper for you all to enjoy.

Until next time, Peace 🙂

Pubs team 2016

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