Free text messaging program for parents

Play Learn Grow is a free program for Victorian parents and carers of 2 & 3-year-old children. Participants receive short, engaging text messages with advice and activities to support their child’s learning and development at home. 

Parents and carers who sign up to the Play Learn Grow program will receive three personalised text messages a week for the 24-week program. The messages will include practical advice, information and ideas of easy activities to do while at home.

These short, engaging messages aim to support parents to help their children thrive by offering advice and actions with a focus on cognitive, social and emotional development in children, as well as promoting parental wellbeing.

Text messages will cover the following themes:

  • reading
  • playing
  • talking
  • self-care.

The Centre for Community Child Health is partnering with the Parenting Research Centre to lead the development of content for the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training.

The Parenting Research Centre is developing the content of the text messages in collaboration with leading early childhood experts, as well as supporting the promotion and scaling of the program.

The Centre for Community Child Health is responsible for facilitating parent consultations with a range of families representing different target demographics. The purpose of the parent consultations is to test whether the messages developed for Play Learn Grow are relevant, actionable and accessible for parents of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Play Learn Grow is now available in English, Arabic (العربية), Dari (درى), Farsi (فارسی), Karen (ကညီကျိာ်) and Simplified Chinese (简体字). Register to receive in-language texts.

More information  

Eligible parents can register for the free text messaging program by visiting the Play Learn Grow website, or by texting “PLAY” to 0428 606 027.

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