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The Thriving Children, Thriving Communities webinar series focuses on equity and innovation in early childhood and unites clinicians, researchers, practitioners, community members and policymakers to explore issues of significance to community child health.

Join us as we share evidence, experience and resources to support those striving to make a difference for children and families.

Integrating care to improve child mental health in families experiencing adversity

Panellists: Jayne Nelson, Dr Suzy Honisett, Prof Frank Oberklaid and Prof Sharon Goldfeld (Host)

Childhood adversities are stressful and potentially traumatic events during childhood. In the absence of support, they can have lasting negative effects on health and wellbeing and can contribute to mental health problems.

This webinar explores how Child and Family Hubs are integrating health and social care to improve mental health in families experiencing adversity. It will cover the co-design, implementation, and evaluation of Hubs from a research, practice and policy perspective.

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