The Working in Partnership workshop is designed to introduce professionals to the Family Partnership Model – an evidence-based relational model that helps educators to work towards shared goals with families and to respond to families emerging needs.

Professionals may then choose to work towards undertaking a five-day Family Partnership Model Foundation Course to enhance their skills and confidence in applying a family partnership approach.

What does Working in Partnership involve?

Working in Partnership is available in a 3 hour and a full-day workshop format. Both workshops help professionals to identify and employ strategies that support a partnership approach within and across services.

In the three hour workshop, participants will:

  • access tools and strategies from the internationally recognised Family Partnership Model, proven to help parents and professionals to work effectively together
  • learn how to develop authentic relationships that support families and enable them to feel comfortable sharing their needs and experiences.
  • learn how to approach problem management from a family partnership perspective
  • explore ‘engagement’ and ‘partnership’ as concepts that enhance the quality of your practice
  • learn the worker and service characteristics that support better engagement and authentic partnerships.

Professionals who participate in the full-day workshop will also:

  • explore how reflective practice can support effective partnerships and enable continuous learning and development
  • gain the skills needed to adapt Program adaptability (e.g. for use in Australian and Victorian context)

Workshop details

Delivery: online and face-to-face options available

Duration: 3 hours, full-day

Cost: 3 hours workshop

  • $188 incl GST per online participant
  • $215 incl GST per face-to-face participant (Metropolitan Melbourne & Regional Victoria)

Face-to-face workshops will incur additional travel expenses. A quote will be provided on application.

Cost: Full-day workshop

  • $376 incl GST per online participant
  • $380 incl GST per face-to-face participant (Metropolitan Melbourne & Regional Victoria)

Face-to-face workshops will incur additional travel expenses. A quote will be provided on application.

Individuals and small groups can register for our these workshops via our training calendar.

Working in Partnership – 3 hour online workshop

Date: 15 September 2021

Time: 2.00pm – 5.15pm

Delivery: Online via Zoom (2 x 1 hour 30 minute sessions)

Cost: $188 incl GST

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Working in Partnership – Full-day online workshop

Date: TBC

Time: 9.30am – 4.45pm

9.30am – 11.00am (15 minute break) 11.15am – 12.45pm (30-45 minute break) 1.30pm – 3.00pm (15 minute break) 3.15pm – 4.45pm

Delivery: Online via Zoom

Cost: $376 incl GST

For enquiries please email us here.

Organisations can book online and face-to-face group sessions for 8 or more participants by contacting us here.

Delivery details for groups


Online participants will require access to a device (computer or tablet) with MICROPHONE and CAMERA functionality to participate fully in this workshop. Ideally participants should be on their own device and not sharing screens with other participants.


Organisations must provide venue and catering. The venue must be able to accommodate participants in a safe environment, allowing for current restrictions around social distancing.


  • Minimum 8 online participants, maximum 12
  • Minimum of 9 face-to-face participants, maximum 15

Organisations may wish to partner with other organisations to meet minimum numbers.

Please note: Face-to-face workshops will incur additional travel expenses. A quote will be provided on application.

Enquire about tailoring this course to meet the needs of your community.

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Target audience

This workshop is suitable for all professionals who work with children and families, including early childhood educators and those working with families experiencing vulnerability. All workshops are available to regional and rural locations.


This workshop is underpinned by the Family Partnership Model. A number of research trials have demonstrated the positive benefits of the Family Partnership Model in enhancing the developmental progress of children, parent-child interactions and the psychological functioning of parents, families and children.

The Centre has facilitated this model across Australia and is the lead Australian collaborator with the model’s UK authors. This helps to ensure that quality standards in implementation and training fidelity are maintained.