Engaging parents in honest and supportive conversations can enable change for children and families and help professionals to sustain relationships with parents. Learn how to enter into difficult conversations from a family partnership perspective with the help of this workshop.

What does Difficult Conversations involve?

Discussing concerns about children’s development or behaviour and navigating conflicting perspectives can be difficult.

The Difficult Conversations workshop can help early childhood professionals to understand:

  • the need for a trusted relationship as a basis for conversations with families about child development
  • the factors that accompany difficult conversations
  • the factors that enable or become barriers to conversations with families about child development
  • the qualities and skills required to work with parents effectively.

This ½ day workshop explores the context and desired outcomes of difficult conversations. It considers the skills and qualities required to enter into conversations from a partnership perspective and provides practical opportunities to practice and reflect on newly acquired tools and approaches.

Target audience

This workshop is suitable for all professionals who work with children and families, including early childhood educators and those working with families experiencing vulnerability. All workshops are available to regional and rural locations.


Individual registration

  • Three-hour workshop at the Royal Children’s Hospital: $190 per person (incl. GST).

Group registration

  • Three-hour workshop at your chosen location: $5563 (incl. GST). Starting from $223 per person.

There is a minimum of eight and a maximum of 25 participants required for this workshop. Additional travel fees may apply. Organisations may wish to partner with other organisations to meet minimum numbers.

Customise this program

Difficult Conversations can be tailored to meet the needs of participants and the community context. It can be provided as a brief session (1½-2 hours), a half-day, a one day workshop or a series of sessions. Contact us to find out more and enquire about tailoring this workshop.

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