Tutor finding tips

Many families think about getting a private tutor to help their children with schoolwork during or after treatment for a health condition.

There are many factors to consider when employing a tutor for your child. Some of these include:
– purpose or learning outcomes
– experience of the tutor
– safety; has your tutor been checked?
– timing
– location; is it your local library or post school?
– cost.

Finding a tutor

A great place to start is your child’s school. Ask the teachers if there’s someone they’d recommend or a particular company with a good reputation.

Also, University students can often register as tutors through their university website. These sites can be a good starting point for tips about finding and employing a tutor. For example, take a look at:
The University of Melbourne
Monash University.

Seeking financial help

You may be able to access some financial support to help you cover the cost of paying for a private tutor. Find out if your child is eligible by looking through the employing a tutor for my child page.

For more detailed information and links visit employing a tutor for my child page or contact us for advice.


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